A World Worth Imagining


A World Worth Imagining was inspired by a wonderful group of young people I have taught for many years.  One Earth Day morning standing by our pond, I invited the children to close their eyes and imagine what it might look like in one hundred years.  One of the girls refused, believing that the world would have been destroyed by then.  There was sadness in her eyes as she spoke and I realized then, that our young people understand the crisis facing the planet and its people, that message is coming to them loud and clear.  They hear it, feel it, and they understand the responsibility that comes with it.  What they are not hearing are the voices of visionaries and dreamers, those who can see the possibilities of a new and brighter future. 

On that morning sitting by the pond, I committed to creating a different kind of story for our children, one with a different kind of message -- hope.

And here it is!!!  A World Worth Imagining. 

I have read versions of this story to that same group of kids for the last four Earth Days,  and we all agree, it's ready!  It is time to get it out to the world and to help it be one of those voices that inspires hope in the hearts  of others.


Amanda Clark is an artist and illustrator from the UK.  She is mostly self taught and has been selling her art to collectors an exhibiting her work for over 15 years.  Her inspiration comes from the meadows and woodland behind her home, where she often goes for walks at dawn ( usually after painting all night ).    Check out her Etsy shop- Earth Angels, to see her work, and get prints from A World Worth Imagining.